UnderWorld - Play2Win Private Server

Basic Informations

Type :- PvP Server
Race :- CH + EU
Cap :- 110
Exp Rate :- x70
Party Exp Rate :- x75
Gold Rate :- x50
Time To Register FTW :- Every Day
Next Fortress:-Friday & Tuesday 6.00
Event Week:- 6.30
War Event At Friday:- 5.00
Launch Date:- 1/1/2016

UnderWorld Online

Jangan: dummy


UnderWorld coming with new features
PvP Server
Cap 110
Degree 11
Mastery 390
System Coins
Races Chinese and Euroupe
Fortress Jangan
Weekly Events Every Week At Friday
Items Dg11 EGY B +11 FB Max In Shop For 1 Gold
Adv +8 = 1 Gold At Npc
Adv +14 = coins At Npc
New Avtars - Pets For Arena Coin / EP Coin
you Can Get Arena Coin From Uniques
you Can Get EP/JC Coin From New uniqes At Uniqus Room
Max +25 with adv +14 (for donators)
max +19 With adv +8 ( nondonators)

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